Bounce House Insurance Companies

Bounce house insurance is crucial if you're operating a business that rents out inflatable play structures for events. This type of insurance will help to protect you against potential liability if something were to go wrong, such as an injury occurring on one of your bounce houses.

Below, you'll find some common types of insurance providers and brokers that offer bounce house insurance. Note that availability may vary based on your location and the particular needs of your business. Always consult with an insurance professional to determine the best coverage for your situation.

1. InsureMyJumper: They specialize in insurance for commercial inflatables and mechanicals.

2. XInsuranceOffers commercial inflatables insurance and bounce house insurance

3. Specializes in equipment insurance and could be an option for those seeking to protect their bounce house assets.

4. Cossio Insurance Agency: Specializes in entertainment industry insurance, including bounce houses.

5. Francis L. Dean & Associates: Offers coverage for various types of amusement businesses, including inflatables.

6. Sterling & Sterling Insurance: They have tailored insurance solutions that  include bounce houses.

Please note that the insurance industry is constantly evolving, and availability and offerings can change. Make sure to speak directly with insurance providers or brokers to understand what specific coverages are available for your bounce house business in your jurisdiction.