Inflatable FAQs

How long does it take to set up an inflatable?
Most inflatables only take about 5 minutes to inflate. Depending on size of the inflatable it can take between 10-30 minutes to fully set it ip. This usually requires inflation, anchoring and inspection.

What are your inflatables made out of?
Our inflatables are made out of strong commercial grade 0.55mm PVC Tarpaulin (18oz PVC coated Tarpaulin) which is extremely durable, weather proof, mildew proof and has a lifespan of over 10 years.

Our your inflatables commercial grade?
Yes, all of our inflatables are commercial grade. They are made from high durability flame-retardant, lead-free Commercial Grade 18oz Vinyl (0.55mm PVC tarpaulin). 3 layers, 2 PVC coated sides with a strong net fabric inside. Our material has passed EN71 and RoHS tests.

Our thread is heavy duty nylon and we double stitch everywhere and quadruple stitch at bottom stress points. We do about 5 stiches per inch to make sure air does not escape out of the inflatable through seams.

How do I transport my inflatable?
This depends on the size. For smaller inflatables a truck or SUV can be used. For larger inflatables you may need a trailer.

Is it possible to over-inflate my inflatable?
No, it is not possible. The blowers that are provided with the inflatable will not overinflate.

Is it possible to use a water slide inflatable without water?
Yes, absolutely. The water slides can also be used as dry slides. The pool area on an inflatable water slides can be used as a ball pit too.

What accessories are included with your inflatables?
All of our inflatables come with a repairer kit, a blower, stakes, carrying case and owner's manual.

What is the weight limit for your inflatable bounce houses?
Max weight for a smaller 13ft x 13ft inflatable bounce houses about 800 pounds. Larger bounce houses can support more weight. Check the owners manual or specs on the order page to determine the weight limit for that specific inflatable.

Can an inflatable get wet?
We have wet and dry inflatables. Wet inflatables are constructed differently to prevent water from getting inside the bounce house or slide. Our dry inflatables are not intended to get wet so make sure the inflatable is a wet inflatable if you intend to use it with water.

Can your inflatables be used in the rain?
No, we do not suggest inflatables to be used in windy or rainy conditions. Inflatables should not be used if winds exceed 20 mph.

Do you offer bulk discounts?
Yes, we offer bulk discounts when more than 2 inflatables are ordered. When ordering 10+ inflatables, we can sometimes give you discounts of up to 30%. Contact us with your bulk requirements and we would be happy to provide you with a quote.