2 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty

Inflatables purchased through InflatableIsland are warranted against defects for 2 years from the date of delivery. This covers two (2) year seam to seam warranty from the date of delivery to Buyer. This does not include breakage, cracks, punctures, holes, rips that occurs after 30 days. The warranty only applies to defects that have not been caused by misuse, poor handling, improper installation, neglect, alteration that are not made by us or accidents not caused by us. Any alterations not made by us or usage of any parts not supplied by us voids the warranty.

No Warranty is provided on Zippers, Netting, or Mesh. Wear covers such as entrance covers, mats and slide covers are not warranted beyond the first 90 days after buyer receives the order. These items are intended to reduce wear on the inflatable and require periodic replacement. A product shall not be considered defective if it is a different color than shown on our website, and no warranty is made relating to color or digital printing.

We will require the return of the inflatable in order to examine the damage and to determine if the material is in fact defective under the terms of this warranty. This warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the inflatable or in special cases a refund for the amount of the purchase. If the damage is determined not be a defect, we can still repair the inflatable if possible, but cost of material and shipping will be the responsibility of the customer. If a repair is not possible, we will offer a replacement inflatable at half the price.

Shipping the returned inflatable to us shall be the buyer's responsibility and we will refund ground shipping charges if qualifications for warranty repair have been met.

Inflatables over 2 years old are not covered by this Warranty 

Shipping Damage Warranty

We provide a shipping warranty against damage during shipping. If your inflatable is damaged during shipment, we will replace the damaged parts. You MUST report shipping damage to us within 24 hours of receipt of your inflatable. It is important that you open your inflatable upon arrival and test it to make sure it is not damaged. If you do not report the shipping damage within 24 hours, the shipping warranty will be void.