How To Drain Water From Inside an Inflatable Water Slide or Bounce House

Draining water from an inflatable water slide or bounce house requires careful handling to avoid damaging the slide. Here are step-by-step instructions:

Materials Needed:
- A dry towel or a mop
- A submersible pump to remove water from pool (optional)
- An inflatable blower (the one used to inflate the water slide)

The fabric utilized in crafting your inflatable has an essential porous membrane that facilitates the constant air circulation that ensures your bouncer remains inflated. This structure also includes seams that permit air to leak out. As a result, water may gradually accumulate inside the inflatable. Follow the steps provided below to efficiently remove most of the water after every use of the inflatable:



  • If practical, tilt the inflatable (while it's still inflated) to allow the water to flow out of the pool.
  • If the former isn't feasible, power off the blower, letting the unit deflate to facilitate draining or use a submersible pump to remove water from pool if available.
  • Once you've drained the water from the main pool, re-inflate it and secure any air outlets.

Ensure to dry the product starting from the inside and moving outward.

Determine if a significant amount of water is present within the main inflated section. In case there IS a notable amount of water inside the inflated area:
  • Keep the motor operating, and with two adults present, direct the water within the product towards the open outlet tube.
  • The water may have to traverse through various membranes, a process that can "bleed" the water, hence taking some time.
  • Once the bulk of the water has exited through the outlet tube, let the product continue running until it's dry. This may take awhile especially for larger water slides.
  • To prevent water accumulation inside the inflated section, position the product so that the front pool wall is downhill, ensuring that water does not collect against the main inflated part.

If there is NO significant water inside :

  • After emptying the pool, re-inflate the product, securing all outlets.
  • Run the product until the fabric appears dry, and no more bubbles form on the seams.
  • Uncover the smaller outlet tube, and continue allowing air to circulate within the product until it's thoroughly dry.
  • You can peer through the outlet tube to check for any visible moisture inside.

Remember, the key is to be patient and thorough. Leaving moisture in an inflatable water slide can lead to damage and issues in the future.

Also, it's important to note that these steps should be followed each time the inflatable is used. Regular maintenance will keep the slide in good condition and prolong its life.