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InflatableIsland'sĀ custom designedĀ inflatable cars for sale areĀ perfect for various applications, from automotive testing to marketing endeavors. They're a frequent choice for car manufacturers and related businesses. Many also opt to use them for car-themed events, racing teams, or festivals. The inflatable cars from InflatableIsland are of superior quality, boasting realistic prints and wheels for an even more authentic look. Customers can choose between Silver or Black tinted windows or custom colors. Plus, these inflatable autos can be tailored in any desired color and adorned with direct print branding, either on the hood or the sides. Customized license plates and surface textures (either bumpy or smooth) further enhance their realistic appeal.

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Why Go With Our Commercial Inflatable Autos?

Inflatable Cars For Automotive Applications

These inflatable vehicles life-sized design is convenient for deflation, storage, and transport between various locations such as factories and testing grounds. One key advantage is that they've become a preferred choice for parking sensor assessments, radar tests, and some crash tests. Many auto companies find it more practical to use these inflatables rather than risk damaging a high-value, real vehicle. Added features include the possibility of integrating radar pockets and foil inserts, allowing radar systems to trace the car's motion. For impact tests, we can craft an inner PVC chamber and an exterior nylon cover, making it cost-effective to replace if damaged.

Inflatable Autos For Promotional and Advertising Endeavors

Inflatable autos by InflatableIsland are also making waves in the advertising domain, particularly within car dealerships or prominently displayed outdoors. Our offerings can be tailored to any car shape, with customizable prints and sizes based on individual needs. Every vehicle comes with a convenient inflation pump or fans and a portable carrying bag. Our team is committed to guiding you from the initial design concept to final delivery, and we cater to global shipping demands. If you wish to have a specific car model replicated as an inflatable, just provide us with the car's images and specifications. We'll craft a 3D preview for your approval before commencing with the production.

We can customize the size, colors, design and UV print your logo on any of our commercial inflatable autos. PleaseĀ contact usĀ if you have questions or would like customizations.