Inflatable Batting Cage Netting - Nylon vs. PVC Mesh

There are 2 different types of netting used for inflatable batting cages. The netting we use by default on our inflatable batting cages is PVC mesh netting because most of our customers use their batting cages outdoors. We we can however swap out the PVC netting for nylon depending in your needs. Following is a quick overview of Nylon Netting vs. PVC Netting.

PVC Mesh Netting

PVC mesh netting is versatile for use in both indoor and outdoor batting cages. Its resistance to moisture absorption means it won't undergo shrinking or rotting, and it usually maintains its breakage resistance for an extended period.

Although PVC mesh nets lack the break-strength found in Nylon netting, they provide a more cost-effective solution for both indoor and outdoor netting requirements and are still very durable for commercial use.

Nylon Netting

Nylon netting is highly recommended for intensive, indoor applications due to its superior breakage resistance, making it the most resilient variety of mesh available. Commonly utilized in many major league baseball and college sports indoor settings, these Nylon nets excel in withstanding wear and tear, offering unparalleled longevity. However, this type of mesh usually comes with a much larger price tag.

For outdoor environments, Nylon is generally not the best choice as it has a tendency to absorb moisture. This can lead to a rapid deterioration of the mesh, including shrinking, fading, and rotting. Consequently, the strength of the Nylon mesh to withstand breakage can diminish by as much as 20% annually.