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50ft Inflatable Batting Cage For Sale

50ft Inflatable Batting Cage For Sale

Elevate your batting practice experience with this commercial-grade 50ft Inflatable Batting Cage. Perfect for both commercial use and dedicated personal practice, this advanced batting cage is an invaluable asset for teams, training centers, and passionate individuals.

The 50ft inflatable batting cages areĀ heat-sealedĀ and inflate quickly. Once inflated, you turn off the pump and it is ready to use. It does not need a continuous blower. Made out of high quality commercial grade PVC with durable batting cage netting.

  • Size: 50ft L x 16ft W x 12ft H
  • Colors: Black or Red included in the price. We can do custom colors or multiple colors for an additional $500.
  • Free Logo UV Printing On Cage
  • Weight: 170lbs per 25ftĀ section. Comes in two 25ft sections you put together.
  • Material: Commercial GradeĀ PVC Tarpaulin
  • Includes: Inflatable Batting Cage, Heavy Duty Nets, Air Pump, Stakes, Carry Bag, Repair Kit.
  • Warranty:Ā 2 Years

Due to production time + shipping time, the 50ft inflatable batting cage will arrive at your door within 45 to 60 days.

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Durability: Made with top-notch, puncture-resistant materials, this batting cage is designed to endure intense, daily use, ensuring lasting performance and reliability.

Spacious Interior: The 50-foot length provides ample room for a realistic batting experience, accommodating players of all sizes and abilities, offering a spacious and unrestrictive environment for perfecting batting skills.

Efficient Inflation System: Comes with a powerful air pump that inflates the cage quickly and easily, streamlining setup and dismantling processes, ideal for on-the-go coaching or events where time is a factor.

Easy Transport and Storage: Despite its size, the cage is easy to move and store. It comes in two 25ft parts that you easily attach together making it easier to setup. move and store. It deflates to a compact size of only 4ft x 2ft, facilitating convenient transport and storage.

Versatile Use: Suitable for both baseball and softball training, it can be utilized for various drills and exercises, catering to players at all levels, from beginners to professionals.

Weather Resistant: Crafted to withstand different weather conditions, it maintains its quality and performance even with outdoor use over extended periods.

Ideal For: Athletic facilities, educational institutions, baseball and softball training venues, and individual enthusiasts seeking a top-tier solution for batting practice.