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Single Player Inflatable Axe Throwing Game

Single Player Inflatable Axe Throwing Game

Perfect for company team building, birthday parties or other events, our single player Inflatable Axe Throwing Game gives you a thrilling and safe way to experience the popular and exhilarating sport of axe throwing! Also check out our double player inflatable axe throwing game here.

We can fully customize our single player inflatable axe throwing game to fit your requirements, including colors, size, logo placement and more.

  • Size: 8ft W x 10ft L x 8.7ft H¬†(94 LBS)
  • Color:¬†As¬†shown in pictures or we can fully customize the colors and design
  • Material: Commercial Grade PVC
  • Warranty: 2 Years

What's Included?

1. Air Blower
2. Anchoring ropes, Stakes, Sandbags, Repair kit
3. 12 Inflatable Axes

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Single Player Inflatable Axe Throwing Video

Inflatable Axe Throwing Features


Our Inflatable Axe Throwing Game brings the excitement of traditional axe throwing to any event or gathering, without the risks associated with real axes. Designed with safety in mind, this game features an inflatable target board with multiple scoring zones and Velcro axes that stick to the surface when thrown. Whether you're a seasoned axe throwing pro or a beginner trying it for the first time, this game offers a thrilling challenge for players of all skill levels.

Built with long lasting, durable commercial grade 0.55mm PVC Tarpaulin (18oz PVC coated Tarpaulin) that has a lifespan of over 10 years. Quality you can trust for your bounce house or inflatables business.

Crafted from durable and high-quality materials, the Inflatable Axe Throwing Game ensures longevity and reliability. Its inflatable nature makes it easy to transport, set up, and take down, allowing you to bring the axe throwing experience to any location. Whether it's a backyard party, a company picnic, or a community fair, this game will draw a crowd and provide endless entertainment.


We make our inflatables axe throwing games to order (as they are ordered). This allows us to keep our costs down and pass those savings onto you the customer.

Due to production time + shipping time, it can take 30 days before you see the inflatable axe throwing game at your door.

We can arrange expedited production & shipping for an additional fee. Contact us if you need your inflatable rushed.

Why Buy?

Setting up the Inflatable Axe Throwing Game is a breeze. Simply inflate the target board, secure it to the ground, and you're ready to start aiming for those bullseyes. The game can be played individually or in teams, making it a versatile option for various social gatherings. Each player takes turns throwing the Velcro axes at the target, aiming for the highest score and bragging rights.

With its vibrant and attention-grabbing design, the Inflatable Axe Throwing Game creates a visually appealing centerpiece for any event. The game's interactive nature and friendly competition will have spectators cheering and eagerly awaiting their turn. It's the perfect icebreaker, encouraging conversation, laughter, and bonding among players and onlookers alike.

The Inflatable Axe Throwing Game offers a safe and controlled environment for participants to channel their inner lumberjack. The Velcro axes provide a harmless alternative to traditional axes, reducing the risk of injury while still delivering the excitement and thrill of hitting the target. Safety guidelines should always be followed, and adult supervision is recommended, especially when children are participating.

Unleash the excitement of axe throwing at your next event with the Inflatable Axe Throwing Game. From backyard parties to corporate team-building events, this game is sure to be a hit with guests of all ages. So, grab an axe, take aim, and see if you have what it takes to be crowned the axe throwing champion!

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